«Pericoloso è il sesso che ride». Sulle implicazioni psichiche della contraccezione

  • Luca Giorgini


The article aims to examine the ludicrous historical fact of the lack of use of contraceptive methods, which in permitting sex to be separated from reproduction, represents the point of an arrival of a research that has accompanied humanity for millennia. A fact that is highlighted is that Western Logos and religious thinking have become allies in proposing the idea of women as a necessary evil for the maintenance of the species and a concept of human sexuality as a purely biological act. Denying in this way that sex, on the other hand, should be above all a mental act because it is the expression of an unconscious human identity. At an individual level, the act of not using contraceptives can make sexuality a way of doing oneself harm, a way of preventing a human realization and a relationship from happening, becoming therefore necessarily an object of interpretation when this happens in concomitance with a psychotherapeutic relationship .