The possibility of treating schizophrenia through psychotherapy based on neuropsyche physiology of the human birth

  • Daniela Polese
  • Alessandro Mazzetta
  • Marcella Fagioli
  • Francesco Fargnoli
  • Francesca Fagioli
  • Andrea Cantini
  • Luca Giorgini
  • Eva Gebhardt
  • Paolo Fiori Nastro
  • Maria Gabriella Gatti


This relation paper has been presented at the XVI World Congress of Psychiatry “Focusing on Access, Quality and Humane Care”, held in Madrid, Spain, on September 14-18, 2014, arranged by World Psychiatric Association (WPA). Objectives: The idea of possibility to cure schizophrenia through relationship has been reported by classical main authors in psychiatry, while the knowledge of a treatment based on neuropsyche physiology has been harder to consider. The idea and the knowledge of the human mind physiology are essential for an intervention finalised to healing, as in medicine. The aim of this work is connecting mind physiology with a mental illness therapy. Methods: We take into consideration the “Human Birth Theory”, formulated by Professor Massimo Fagioli in 1971. The theory is focused on the activation of cerebral cortex and human thought, together by stimulation of light energy, at birth. This theory recognises a neuropsyche physiology present at human birth, as in body physiology, that can be converted to pathology by external noxa. Results: The psychophysical activation by light at birth, theorised by Fagioli, includes the physical “capacity to react” and “viability”, and the mental “capacity to imagine”. Those features appear at birth, and involve body and mind, which act together. Recent physiological findings strongly support this theory. Those qualities are partially or totally lost in psychiatric disorders or in severe mental illness. Conclusions: This discovering suggests that pathology of schizophrenia can be related to the loss of  this complex psychosomatic human physiology, naturally present at birth. Intervention, aimed at recreation of psychophysiology, as observed in medicine, can be applied. The non-conscious psychotherapeutic relationship should focus on research of natural features that must have been lost in a previous, early and non-conscious relationships (pathogenethic noxa) at first months of life. Consequently, according to a previous idea of curability in psychosis and in schizophrenia through psychotherapy, considering this theoretical approach and this medical method of thinking, curing schizophrenia in order to healing as possible “restitutio ad integrum” can be conceived and applied.


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