Lo strano caso del dr. Ich e mr. Selbst: la negazione dell’identità non cosciente

  • Gianfranco De Simone


The article examines, in their theoretical and historical development, the concepts of the Ego, of the
Self, and of human identity at birth as they have been elaborated within psychoanalysis, phenomenology
and the Human Birth Theory. No topic other than that which relates to human identity
shows so overtly how issues relating to the Ego and to the Self cannot be tackled and developed if
one remains attached, even only partially, to the psychoanalytical and phenomenological tradition.
Both psychoanalysis, with its idea of the unconscious, and phenomenology, with the notion of prereflexive
self-consciousness, are based on an old way of thinking, which is limited to material reality.
The new ideas on a human identity at birth are expressed by analyzing new words. These allow to
identify the existence of a structure of mental reality at birth which is sure of the existence of oneself
and of the other; the loss of which, in parental relationships, is at the basis of mental disease.

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