Ritorno a Fabriano

  • Massimo Fagioli


The article features the two conferences held by Massimo Fagioli on 26th and 27th November in Fabriano. The author develops the theme of the meeting, “A new reality of the mind?”, starting off with his radical rejection of Freudism and organicist psychiatry, and more generally of the Western logos tradition launched by Socrates and based on the schism between the rational, the sensitive and the vegetative soul. In contrast there is the “new reality of the mind” which stems from the discovery of the annulment drive and of the biological origin of one's psychic reality formed at birth, as well as the rejection of the schism between conscience and the unconscious. Going back to the town where the author spent his childhood and adolescence offers him the opportunity to reflect further on his personal formation which then led him to make his discoveries and enabled him to conduct the Collective Analysis for over thirty years. A formation that stems primarily, not so much from his professional and scientific work, but from his own personal research into the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, particularly those between men and women.