«Non riconosco più il mio volto» Riflessioni intorno a un caso di dismorfismo corporeo

  • Maria Chiara Aliquò
  • Cecilia Di Agostino
  • Alessio Giampà


The article depicts the status of the art of the nosographic and psychopathological diagnosis of body dysmorphism. The story behind this condition shows how the term dysmorphism represents the last stage of a taxonomic research which did not completely succeed in explaining the complex relationship between the body and the mind. After considering several different attempts of classification, the authors suggest overcoming the standard proposition of the dual scheme body/body image by putting forward the concept of internal image which has been theorized by Massimo Fagioli. Apart from highlighting typical symptoms, which refer mainly to the face, the clinical case that is proposed in this article highlights the risk for body dysmorphism to be treated with a series of surgical procedures that are completely inadequate as this condition does not relate to the body but to mental reality. Discussion is intended to provide insight into the non-conscious psychopathological core at the basis of this condition by making reference to the theoretical research of Fagioli and to its most recent developments.


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