Lavorare con gli adolescenti: un dialogo possibile tra diverse realtà

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In this section, we selected some articles drawn from the interventions which were made at two cycles of meetings CSPM (Social Cooperative of Medical Psychotherapy) and Netfropp Europa (European Network for Research and Education in Psychodynamic Psychiatry) organized in 2015-2016 and in 2016-2017, within an educational project aimed at the teachers of two high schools in Latina. Amongst the themes that were tackled, there are the idea of teaching as a political activity, the relationship between teachers and students, and the influence of dominant cultural models. The difficult but necessary relationship between teachers and families and the crucial role of teachers in the communication between the youths and their parents were also discussed. Finally, a few reflections were put forth on risk behaviours amongst adolescents, with a greater focus on the phenomenon of cutting.


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