Lombardi e il fenicottero

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On the 19th February 2010 at the Faculty of political sciences of the Università di Firenze Carlo Patrignani’s book Lombardi e il fenicottero (Roma 2009) was presented. The speeches which we are publishing here, delivered by the economists Anna Pettini and Andrea Ventura, the author of the book, the psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli, repropose from various viewpoints the originality and topicality of Riccardo Lombardi’s thinking. In the face of the crisis of a market-driven economical model, as well as a crisis affecting those theories like communism and socialism which aim to contrast it, some of Lombardi’s intuitions, like that of a society which is “diversely rich”, or his efforts to bring together concepts of liberty and equality, appear to offer a precious contribution for the development of an alternative theory to the current ideologies, based on a different idea of human beings.


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